Christian marriage is a lifelong union, based on shared human love and sustained by God’s infinite love as revealed to us by God’s son, Jesus Christ. The wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion, a time of worship, and a time to celebrate God’s love. For Christians marriage is a covenant through which two people are called to live out together before God their lives of discipleship. We normally assume that either the man or woman will be a member of Mount Vernon for at least six months prior to the wedding date. However, when there is a good reason and the building is not scheduled, we welcome others to be married in the church as long as at least one is a professing Christian and a clergy member of the church staff is willing to perform the ceremony. In order to give church members preference, no non-member weddings will be booked more than ninety days prior to the wedding date.

If you wish to consider a wedding at Mount Vernon and are not active in another church, we encourage you to consider joining our church. Now is the perfect time to tend to the spiritual side of your relationship with your spouse-to-be. Couples who participate in a church together stand a better chance of nurturing and keeping a healthy relationship. A church family gives support in so many ways. It provides an opportunity for personal spiritual growth, friendships with peers and across the generations, service to others, nurture of any future children, worship of our Creator, and belonging to a rich faith tradition which spans many centuries. Couples who marry at Mount Vernon normally meet with the minister for 3 or 4 sessions of premarital counseling–the first of many resources available to enrich the marriage relationship.

The sanctuary at Mount Vernon provides a lovely setting for weddings and will seat 600. The architecture is modern–both striking and simple. There are two “off-center” aisles, beautiful abstract stained glass windows, and a marvelous pipe organ. We also have a small chapel which will accommodate 30. Outdoor weddings can also be held on the patio or courtyard. Fellowship Hall, large enough to seat 400 at tables and able to be subdivided into smaller rooms, is available for receptions. Alcohol may not be served.