Greetings, friends. This coming Sunday, we will focus on the first seven verses of Matthew, Chapter 12, where Jesus talks about plucking grain on the Sabbath. That’s why I’m here, at the communion table, because we will pluck grain on the Sabbath and join together, once again, at table for Holy communion. Only this time, we will celebrate communion actually in that more communal like fashion. And Isaac and I will ask you to gather around here at the table to walk up, literally, and then we will invite you, as we walk past you, to hold your hands out like this to receive the bread, and then you will dip it into a cup, much as we did for so much of the time prior to the pandemic.

Now, don’t worry, friends, if you are not at that point yet. We totally get it. We want you to worship without worry. We will have our COVID communion kits available and, as we walk past you, we will invite you to enjoy the last supper with a blessing of Jesus Christ. We look forward to gathering with you as together we pluck grain on this Sabbath and give thanks for the abundant love of Jesus Christ. Grace and peace. — Barrett

This week, instead of highlighting a single piece of music, I’d like to highlight the instruments that I’m going to use. Typically, when I accompany a hymn, I’m going to use a steel string acoustic guitar. Not always, sometimes I might use an electric. But this week will be a steel string acoustic. And the way a steel string is played is, typically, going to be with a pick, which is what I will do. But the manner in which we hear it, it’s a percussive rhythmic sound as opposed to, let’s say, playing single notes. We’re going to hear chords. They’re going to be strummed. That’s the nature of how this guitar is played.

It’s very, very different in comparison to this guitar. This is referred to as a concert guitar or a classical guitar. This has nylon strings and this guitar will also be used this Sunday for a solo piece. Not going to tell you when though, so make sure you’re there. But a lot of times, I get asked which guitar do I like to play the most? Which guitar is my favorite? And really, the answer simply is that it depends entirely on what the music calls for. It could be a steel string acoustic. It could be a nylon string classical or concert guitar. It can be an electric guitar, or it could even be a ukulele. But, anyway, these two will be featured this Sunday, and I look forward to sharing that and much more with you. — Matthias

Friends, let us go to God in prayer. Loving and gracious God, you are the bread of life. Nourish and sustain us this week, calling us out and guiding us forward as we continue to listen for you, to notice you and to recognize you in all the places around us. Call us back to this home, this place of worship. In your name, Amen. Friends, we’ll see you in worship again, either in the sanctuary or digitally at 10:00 AM this Sunday. Peace. — Isaac